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Lucy’s ‘Banality of Evil’ EP teases apart the dark sides of human psychology and lays them down as fractured, angular tracks. Inspired by Hannah Arendt’s writings on conformity and totalitarianism SA013 makes for provocative listening. ‘Superior Orders’ is an off kilter introduction: Lucy took synth lines that Roll The Dice crafted in Stockholm and broke them down, buckling the lines and revealing their malevolence. ‘Stanford Prison’ layers wistful top lines over driving base creating a fluid, transitory atmosphere. ‘Milgram Experiment’ opens with a beautifully simple sequence and splinters into deep, warm dub. The track includes voices, but these are not catchy euphoric vocals, instead a voice repeats: ‘I began to feel that I was losing my identity’. The tracks don’t aim to soundtrack the experiments and theories of their titles, instead they act as a point in case.

  • Resident Advisor Lucy uses a perfect blend of soft scratch techniques and unexpected percussive flares and other secret ingredients for an overall mix that stares straight through you.
  • De:Bug A sonic commentary on Hannah Arendt? The EP certainly proves the idea of music as pleasure gained from displeasure, at the same time making a political statement, albeit a performative one. Convincingly uncomfortable.
  • Mixside Lucy again shows why he is one our fav techno producers. Top quality stuff.
  • FACT 'Milgram Experiment' is truly stunning, the rest of the EP all excellent. Really powerful release.
  • Slashdotdash So much emotional connection in the music.
  • Frequencies Mag Only techno can describe our inner darkest emotions and Lucy knows this very well.
  • Tea And Techno Absolutely superb release. Lucy never cease to amaze.
  • Nowamuzyka Brilliant. Lucy in exellent form. Review to follow.
  • Clubbing Spain Dense, dark and experimental electronics.