/ Body Out Body In [SA018] Zeitgeber (Lucy & Speedy J)

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Zeitgeber is a project that sees Lucy and Speedy J exploring roots and limits. The duo have both indulged their experimental sides from time to time. Perhaps most notably Speedy J with his mid-’90s run on Novamute, and Lucy on his 2011 full-length for Stroboscopic Artefacts. But Zeitgeber is something more, with two artists pushing each other to go further. As a precursor to the forthcoming album, it’s a perfect taster of the uncompromising sounds yet to be heard.

  • The Wire Very good release.
  • Groove Magazine Very promising glimpse at the album.
  • Resident Advisor This is in-between sound, that space in between that the great Emmanuel Levinas once wrote about.
  • Chris Hobson (MNML SSGS) Intriguing release. Really like 'Body In'. Eagerly awaiting the LP.
  • Juno Plus A great taste of what is to come.
  • DVS1 Dope. 'Body Out' is sick.
  • Kangding Ray 'Body Out' is a wonderful panoramic-granular-compressed-slab.
  • Tommy Four Seven Fucking awesome, can't wait for the full LP.
  • Brendon Moeller Dope.