/ Churches Schools and Guns Remixed [SA021] Lucy

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A remixes selection of tracks from Lucy’s forthcoming LP Churches Schools and Guns. In presenting four of the album cuts in altered impressions, SA021 helps the label keep on re-examining the timbres, tones and textures of techno. The record considers its place, and asks for contemplation. With a selection this strong, and of such ideas and identities, this contemplation is surely a worthy vice. This may be a prelude to the full record, but it is a cut made of vehement conviction.

  • Resident Advisor Four diverse enough cuts, although Bradley's isn't really that far away from Dozzy's as far as mood is concerned. Eomac's is the busiest, while that of Shapednoise is chasmic. A nice quartet which has to be appreciated on a good system.
  • Blawan Really great bunch of remixes. Eomac has to be the favourite here. Quality as always from Stroboscopic Artefacts.
  • FACT All amazing tracks, giving big hype for the album. The Shapednoise mix is the one though.
  • Dustin Zahn Dozzy's remix is so good. He is on fire right now.
  • Juno Plus Eomac and Dozzy remixes are superb.
  • Pfirter Full support again, great.
  • Groove Full support.
  • CTRLS Love the Bradley and Dozzy remixes. In the bag.
  • Igloo Mag More fine hyper produced techno experimentalism from SA. A thoroughly enjoyable listen - Miton Bradley and Eomac mixes the highlights - in particular the latter.
  • Shifted Dope. Cheers.