/ Dax [SA007] Perc & Modern Heads

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SA007 sees Perc and Modern Heads create the first collaborations between these two core Stroboscopic Artefacts artists. The result is a punishing hybrid of Perc’s dubstep tendencies and Modern Heads’ cutting techno. A-side “Mendax” is cavernous. Built upon solid dub foundations, it spills over into grinding, metallic territory. If the title’s to be believed it takes inspiration from the shady world of lies and deceit. The atmosphere seems to agree, there’s certainly something mendacious at work here. B1 takes the EP’s atmosphere and adds abrasion. In “Percdax” cold, hard percussion is layered over a bed of warm dub. Closer “Moddax” errs on the eerie. It skulks, is full of sticky bleeps and the result is unnervingly dubbed out. All three track titles share the same suffix and if this indicates that they also share one quality it’s that they’re best heard in the glinting shadow of a club just before day break.

  • Speedy J Great!
  • Surgeon Sounds really interesting.
  • Chris Liebing 5 out of 5.
  • Jerome Sydenham Another solid release.
  • The Wire (Philip Sherburne) Awesome!
  • TEA - Tea And Techno Loud, Menacing and Scary.
  • Oktave Party - New York Amazing release. Perc & Modern Heads together is a perfect team of talent. Massive, deep, beautiful.
  • Tsugi Magazine Impressive one...