/ Gamma Sampler [SADIG003] Various Artists

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A sample is a small part of the whole, selected because it’s a premier example of its class. The Gamma Sampler sees Stroboscopic Artefacts collect together four cuts that take you from the dance floor right into the ether. It starts resolutely dance floor as Modern Heads open with the brilliantly constructed “1969”. The track forms a perfect arc. It begins with pared-down bass, opens out as melody surfaces from deep below, stretches upwards as synth patterns bubble into being, before the other side of the curve elegantly returns to the origin. “Fade” comes from New York’s Donor. Full of offkilter, swung bass lines, its distinctly strange sound seems to harbour more than a drop of contempt. Abstract Souls unleash “Abstract Subway” full of swishing, swooping patterns. As if sampling the act of perception itself, it‘s blurred, charcoaled black but flecked with colour. The sampler is closed by Claudio PRC’s “Aphelion” which seems to transpose the sound of a planet when its orbit has curled far from the sun.

  • SIlent Servant Solid Release. This new Sampler is fucking awesome! All tracks are strong, but 1969 & Abstract subway are standouts for me. will chart for sure. 
  • Peter Van Hoesen Superb release, once again. All four tracks have strong identities. Personal favs are the Modern Heads and Abstract Souls tracks. 
  • Tommy Four Seven One of my favourite current labels, great release again! 
  • Dustin Zahn Wow, all tracks are highly playable. Stroboscopic Artefacts is shaping up to be a great label! 
  • Todd Burns (Resident Advisor) Music to get lost to at home and for DJs with gigs on Mars. 
  • Erci Cloutier (The Bunker) hard to pick a winner when all of them are so interesting sounding, nice collection of heady beats we have here! 
  • Perc Amazing stuff from one of the best new labels of recent years. My favourite track is 'Fade' (I has to support the Perc Trax artists!) but it is all good.