/ Monad XIII [SAM013] Tommy Four Seven

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Tommy Four Seven’s Monad XIII is culled from the creased crevices of our fears and the depths of our desires. Speckled with references to gods of water and air, Sumerian mythology and long forgotten Roman citadels, what emerges is primal, powerful and expressed with utter precision. Pitched-down vocals mumble, broken beats saunter, and bass lines build urgently only to drop euphorically. Created with clarity and curiosity, it slants into your ear drum through the prism of the future as imagined by the past.

  • Resident Advisor This is heavy, entrancing, widespread collected chaos. Served with a heavy froth of scintillating of tapping percussion with a serious circumference. As usual Tommy is delivering the goods, awesome release.
  • URB Enduring and cinematic, Tommy Four Seven exemplifies his dark side onto Monad XIII, extending an intrinsic vibe through a series of releases that are strung together by its mysterious connective sonic tissue.
  • Stray Landings Gargantuan release, blending professionally executed sound design components with earth shaking warehouse rhythms. “Enki” is a particular favorite expanding on the Tommy Four Seven sound I've come to know and love.
  • Halcyon One of my favorite releases from Tommy so far. Definitely more concrete than many in the series but a compelling listen.
  • Different Grooves Are the olympics finished? Because Tommy is going to receive a gold medal for the creation of this release.
  • Cutting Edge I always thought Tommy Four Seven was some easygoing techno-artist. But this skyrockets him to my personal top. Even the spoken word drone of “Vayu” is immense power.
  • Pulse Radio Some incredible techno here.
  • Electronic Explorations Amazing to get T47 on SA. I love his production.