/ Resampled Part II [SADIG006] Various Artists

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‘Resampled’ takes Stroboscopic Artefacts’ Sampler Series and tangles it with reflexivity. Out of the Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta Samplers’ original 16 tracks, 8 of the producers have remixed a track from the other 8 artists. The creative process goes inverse and the original cuts get chiseled into, sanded down or polished bright. Part Two sees Modern Heads take Perc’s ‘Wooden Art’ and create bold broken beat, the ‘Jumplex Remix’ is knitted, knotted and calcified. Forward Strategy Group’s ‘Inside the Shadows’ faces Dadub’s ‘Metropolis Remix’, the perfect descriptor for this skyscrapingly macrocosmic reworking. Frank Martiniq’s ‘Defiance Remix’ pulls Sasse’s original from tech-house and into the realm of ambitious, ecstatic brilliance. Claudio PRC’s ‘Perspective Mix’ granulates ‘Abstract Subway’ to the point where all that is left is a dark, inky pool of pure harmonics, which draws Part Two to a laconic and lingering close.

  • Speedy J Great project! 
  • Xhin All remixes are great. 
  • Norman Nodge Good material for my next warm-up in Berghain. 
  • Tim Caspar Boehme - Groove Mag / De:Bug Very impressive. 
  • Ron Schepper - Textura Marvelous material from SA. 
  • FWD Entertainment Yes, great again! 
  • Studio Rockers Mag Quality stuff as always. 
  • James Manning - TEA Sonically potent!