/ Untitled [SA014] Xhin // Perc

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On SA014 Xhin and Perc explore the savage side of the dance floor with four punishing tracks. The EP is sliced open by ‘She’s The Disease’. Xhin’s A1 is saturated with details: strange metallic scrapes, squelching pads and beats that constantly push to the surface. A2 ‘Blinding Truth’ is a master class in dense, industrial textures. The track swoons and swoops in and out of focus revealing Xhin at his shadowy finest. On the flip side of the wax Perc’s ‘Forge’ is built around no-nonsense broken beats and layered with eerie, granulated sounds. The key to ‘Forge’ is counterbalance, Perc volleys sounds off one another, shifting the atmosphere between strictly industrial and sharply glacial reference points. The EP is closed as darkly as it began with ‘Kater’. Atop stabbing beats Perc stacks strange reed tones, wisps of a conversation held far in the distance and split second samples that could have been prised from an opera.

  • Resident Advisor The Xhin tracks sound like leftovers from the album. In the best way possible."Blinding Truth" is incredible. "Forge" is a good match for Xhin but "Kater" is absolutely incredible. Blown away.
  • Groove Mag Pretty mean, in both senses of "pretty". "Blinding Truth" is my favourite.
  • The Quietus Perc tracks are fantastic. Cold, crisp, hard things, lovely stuff, and the Xhin stuff's great too.
  • Electronic Explorations This is incredible, once again SA showing everyone else how its done.
  • Slashdotdash Great to see Perc back on SA. All four tracks straight out of the top draw.
  • Tea And Techno Xhin is astoundingly visceral yet rhythmic. Solid four cuts.
  • Fact Mag More amazing work from SA as always. Perc edges it.
  • Dub Monitor Absolutely incredible. Xhin and Perc never fail to impress.
  • Cutting Edge Xhin + Perc = brilliant combination.