/ Churches Schools and Guns [SALP002] Lucy

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Churches Schools and Guns Artwork

Churches Schools and Guns. A provocative name for a provocative album of techno from one of the genre’s most consistently intriguing producers, Lucy. This, his second solo album, pushes forward from his debut full-length, 2011’s Wordplay for Working Bees, and firmly establishes him in a league of his own. Over the past few years Lucy’s label, Stroboscopic Artefacts, has became a watchword for techno’s vanguard – providing a platform for new artists pushing at the genre’s boundaries and a harbor for some of the most experimental work from names you already recognize. Lucy’s progress as a producer has followed that same trajectory, moving from relatively straightforward dancefloor-driven material to deeper, murkier places. Churches Schools and Guns continues on, a collection of 12 tracks that sound – more than anything else – like the act of searching.

  • FACT Mag Amazing. Experimental without cliched darkness or noise, another progression in sound. Have pitched to cover.
  • Luke Slater What can I say. Blows my mind. Can't pick one, Best 2014 for me I bet.Thanks Lucy.
  • XLR8R The darkness and delicacy of this release was unexpected, and it creates a whole mood throughout the release that draws you in. Cinematic in scope and execution, this release harkens back to the best IDM of the Artificial Intelligence Warp days.
  • Kangding Ray Bravo Lucy, great album.
  • La Chroniquotheque Mystic techno intertwined with social satire directly extracted from Lucy's mind. Great piece of music. Review and interview will follow.
  • Tommy Four Seven Powerful journey. Looking forward to living with this for a while. Bravo Lucy.
  • Resident Advisor Excited to hear this.
  • Pfirter Great music on Lucy's new album, support.
  • Stray Landings Excellent release from one of our favourite techno producers out there. Mortellaro has consistently managed to imbue the techno framework with deeper meaning, using his expert sound-design skills to create multi-layered works that it is not easy to tire of.
  • Ancient Methods Intense album. Impressive sound design. Difficult to choose a favourite but I love the tracks with the eastern twist ('Follow The Leader', 'Catch Twenty Two') the most.
  • / SACD001-004 BUNDLE Lucy // Xhin // Dadub // Zeitgeber

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    You can now purchase the first four albums on Stroboscopic Artefacts together as a bundle (4 x CD) at a special price.

    For previews and infos, check the releases below.

    / Zeitgeber [SALP001] Zeitgeber (Lucy & Speedy J)

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    Zeitgeber is a German word that, loosely translated, means “synchronizer.” It’s also the new project of Electric Deluxe head Speedy J and Stroboscopic Artefacts’ boss Lucy. Both artists make some of the most forward-thinking techno around, but Zeitgeber sees them pushing together even further into uncharted territories. Freed of dancefloor considerations, the duo have constructed an album that breathes with life and rewards close listening. The culmination of 18 months of work, Zeitgeber is a collaboration in the best sense. Two artists urging other to new heights and new sounds.

    Double 12-inch in a 6mm spined gatefold packaging with glossy print

    / You Are Eternity [SACD003] Dadub

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    ‘You Are Eternity’ is the third album to be released on Stroboscopic Artefacts and comes from two of the minds who have shaped the label since its earliest days: Dadub. Recorded over a period of two years, but containing fragments and ideas that stretch back a decade ‘You Are Eternity’ has been mixed together to form a continuous piece rather than twelve discreet tracks. The effect? An immersive journey that encompasses the descriptors brutal, ferocious, ambient and aqueous.

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    / Sword [SACD002] Xhin

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    Xhin’s debut album on Stroboscopic Artefacts, ‘Sword’, showcases the breath of his vision. As the second full-length release on Stroboscopic Artefacts, ‘Sword’ stretches the remit of the label’s identity ever further. Produced and recorded in Singapore, Xhin plucks sounds from the outer edges of electronic music and fuses them together. Xhin’s approach revels not only in a hybrid sound palette but it’s also an album designed for multiple contexts. It’s a record typified by duality. Xhin’s process seamlessly traversed analogue and digital production, and ‘Sword’ harbours electronic music that ranges from brutal club sounds to deep and delicate murmurs.

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    • Resident Advisor Emotive cold technoid business from the man from Singapore. Wonderful album from Xhin, breathing fresh air into techno once again.
    • Groove Xhin constructs each track with new sounds in a wide spectrum: from electro to techno to musique concrète. The eerie soundscapes are scary as hell, the beats move the guts. Each sound fragment is well and seriously produced.
    • De:bug Xhin puts as much emphasis on details as on effectiveness. This way he always hits right.
    • Clubbing Spain Hard tracks combing perfectly with melodic experimental work. Massive album. Serious candidate for album of the year.
    • Gonzo 'Sword' is a dangerous rollercoaster full of tense moments where you lose all your inhibitions and just want to continue to the end. Only three short soundcapes, showcasing his love for piano, take the blow off your head but the subsequent attack arrives twice as fast.
    • Juno Plus 'Sword' does achieve to shatter any of the perceptions that listeners may have had about Xhin's work to date. His compositional skills are most impressive.
    • Raveline Xhin opens space for experiments with the precision of a sound designer and a passionate desire for freedom.
    • Trace A Line Just amazing! One of the best album of the year.

    / Wordplay for working bees [SACD001] Lucy

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    With ‘Wordplay for Working Bees’ Lucy creates a blueprint, not just the departure point for the full length format according to Stroboscopic Artefacts, but he also lays down new possibilities for the techno album. Refusing the obvious 4/4 route, Lucy traverses the widest possibilities of electronic music. ‘Wordplay for Working Bees’ encompasses IDM that leans towards drone, puckering, dub-filled techno and ambient in its most oblique forms. The beloved character of Lucy’s DJ sets, the way he layers tracks to find unique timbre and tone, is reflected in his studio approach. Lucy’s debut album results in the most delicate and delicious juxtapositions, as the unexplained and unexpected tangle together in the ear.

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