/ Book // Berlin Sampler Theo Lessour

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From Cabaret to Techno: 1904-2012, a century of Berlin music.

Music has been just as central as art, film and architecture in the formation of the German capital’s unique identity, although too often neglected by Berlin’s historians and biographers.

In Berlin Sampler, Théo Lessour plugs the reader into the city’s musical life – tracing with verve and savvy over one hundred years of musical works made-in-Berlin and the events that shaped them.

  • Wire A whistle-stop tour of Berlin's musical history.
  • Artpress Magazine A true pleasure to read.(Book of the Month)
  • Rolling Stone A multi-faceted, very erudite work that gives great insight into present-day Berlin.
  • Libération A strong introduction to the city through its music.
  • Exberliner Finally! Lessour delivers the history of Berlin music we were all waiting for - a must-have for lovers of music and Berlin alike.

/ DVD // Paris Berlin: 20 years of underground techno Amelie Ravalec

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This 52” documentary tells the story of an underground movement, from its beginning until now. Born in Detroit in the late 80s, techno met its audience a few years later in Europe, as the UK, Germany, France and many others countries started to host the foundations of a techno scene. It is mostly focused on Paris and Berlin. Two different cities, two different tales, but techno grew up in both, from secret underground parties to huge clubs, from a small faceless movement to an etablished business, and from vinyl to digital. The documentary features those in the scene who kept it true to its original spirit. About twenty people trace the evolution of techno over the years.
Features interviews of many artists including Lucy. Watch the official trailer