/ V – Five Years Of Artefacts – Chapter Four Various Artists

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SA5YEARS04 Artwork

Jonas Kopp pumps the drums hard on opener ‘Shibu’. It is pure peak-time material, fit with siren-like synths, heavy kicks and hi-hats to get the shoulders moving. Dadub take the record deeper with ‘Force Continuum Abuse’. For the first three minutes of stretched soundscape, the percussion warms up with sparse and off-kilter hits. Eomac begins the B-side with ‘I Am Starting To Believe’. The track’s echoing synths hang free in a spacious mid-range, intermittently making way for long chords and elusive vocal snippets. Last but not least, Chevel; his sound is distinctive amongst the SA roster, mostly due to his acute focus on the percussive elements and intriguing take on minimalism.

  • James Ruskin Great varied package.
  • Rockerilla Super powerful.
  • ROD dooooope! all of them!
  • Trebuchet Mag Another excellent set with all the artists pushing forward strongly into new territories.
  • Cio D’Or Very interesting modern techno allover
  • Tsugi Solid EP.
  • Inigo Kennedy Interesting stuff. Especially like the Eomac track here.
  • Input Selector great chapter, happy birthday.
  • Tommy Four Seven Fresh!
  • / V – Five Years Of Artefacts – Chapter Three Various Artists

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    Xhin’s Blade Moth’, previously released digitally by Meerestief, finds today new (and remastered) life on SA. It is deep and propulsive, with scattershot percussion reverberating around finely tuned kicks and sci-fi oscillations. On ‘FFFFF’, an incessant bass groove channels pounding kicks and high-end distortion into powerful form. Flip the record over and Kangding Ray provides the most dramatic offering in ‘Luna’. Warehouse-style synths slide from behind drums and throbbing pulses of sub bass, driving the track forward with vigour. Parisian act Dscrd end the EP with slow, grinding techno cut ‘Apparition Hill’. It opts for tension over release, ebbing and flowing with restrained arrangement and masterful guile.

  • Electronic Beats (Germany) Deadly compilation as always!
  • Oscar Mulero Liking all tracks but Kangding Ray mix doing it here. support
  • The Wire (UK) Blimey! 5 years!
  • Kr!z Nice package. still playing ‘Blade Moth’!
  • Trap Magazine (UK) This sounds great.
  • Dustin Zahn Xhin’s ‘Blade Moth’ still stands as one of SA's strongest releases after all these years. An excellent mix of contemporary experimentalism and dancefloor accessibility.
  • Bitchslap Mag (Denmark) Diverse release, top quality. Kangding Ray 10/10 flawless
  • Svreca Xhin - 'Blade Moth' and Kangding Ray - ‘Luna' are my initial picks.
  • Nowa muzyka (Poland) Great set - DSCRD should record an album for SA.
  • AnD Really nice package all the tracks are great
  • / V – Five Years Of Artefacts – Chapter Two Zeitgeber // L.B. Dub Corp

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    Zeitgeber and L.B Dub Corp split the second in Stroboscopic Artefacts’ series of fifth anniversary records.
    ‘Totemism’ opens with distant, reverberating bells and a thin film of hiss and crackle. But, one minute in, heavy and incessant drums cut through the ambience, hitting you straight in the chest. The surrounding atmosphere evolves and filters in-and-out of the mix until, halfway through, the track takes an unexpected turn with an elastic bassline and acid squelches.
    ‘Take It Down Again’ is a brilliantly-realised exercise in tension, dub delay and mixing board creativity, all made to shine by a dose of oddball musicality and sampling. This version of 2010′s ‘Take It Down’ is more restrained and tonally varied, equipped to instil a brooding and tribal darkness on the floor.

  • Resident Advisor (USA) Thanks.
  • BBC Music - The Guardian (UK) Quality on both sides, but the voodoo groove of LB Dub Corp wins out for me.
  • The Wire (UK) Thanks a lot for the link, I look forward to checking this release out!
  • FACT Mag (UK) Stroboscopic is great. Exclusive stream to follow.
  • Secret Thirteen (Lithuania) This is a more techno oriented release and it doesn't fit to our overall concept. However, if you are interested we could interview Lucy if he wants about this and other topics raging from art, music to philosophy, life. Lucy interview to follow.
  • James Ruskin Really into both tracks.
  • Monoloc L.B Dub Corp for me.
  • Shifted Both great, but Jesus.. the Slater thing kills it!
  • Pfirter Wow, great tracks! The low freqs on ‘Take it Down Again (in Dub)’ are driving crazy my analyzer. I love that.
  • Jonas Kopp Both tracks are great for my sets.
  • / V – Five Years Of Artefacts – Chapter One Rrose // Perc // Pfirter // Lakker

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    V - chapter one

    Stroboscopic Artefacts celebrate five years in business with a series of special anniversary releases, featuring selected artists from the SA story-so-far who have strongly shaped the label’s identity. In ‘Drowned By Sight’, Rrose sets the tone for the record with a deep and twisting take on club techno. Perc’s ‘Tri-City’ is a more direct assault on the dancefloor. Flip the record to find Pfirter’s exceptional ‘Atman’. This track comes from the more reserved end of Pfirter’s discography, deriving its impact from titanic sound design rather than brute muscle. Irish duo Lakker provide the closing track, ‘Pier’. ‘V – Five Years Of Artefacts – Chapter One’ provides a well-rounded snapshot of what Lucy’s label has explored since its conception.

  • The Wire (UK) Thanks for this - just downloading now. Have a nice rest of the week.
  • Resident Advisor (USA) Thanks! Downloading now. News: http://www.residentadvisor.net/news.aspx?id=25788 Lucy RA Exchange (EX.215): http://www.residentadvisor.net/podcast-episode.aspx?exchange=215
  • FACT Mag (UK) A big nod to Mike Parker on the Rrose track, but its the pick of the lot. Perc a close second though with some deft sublety.
  • Groove (Germany) 4 great tracks. Each in itself an experience. Thanks for the music.
  • The Quietus (UK) News about Stroboscopic Artefacts Five Years night at Corsica Studios with music selection by Lucy: http://thequietus.com/articles/16281-stroboscopic-artefacts-mix
  • Peter Van Hoesen Top notch techno. Rrose track is ace.
  • Marcel Dettmann Thanks.
  • Tommy Four Seven All bombs, especially Pfirter's.
  • Kangding Ray Giant.
  • Roman Flügel Feeling the whole release but Rrose is the one that hit's me most.
  • / Terzo Giorno [SA023] Donato Dozzy

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    SA023 artwork

    The new imprint for Stroboscopic Artefacts: Terzo Giorno – or Third Day – by Italian producer Donato Dozzy. It is an EP of great textural dexterity, traversing the moving and the misanthropic. First track ‘Il Canto Della Maga’ presages the onset of Part II’s kick drum with mordant wind chimes, tinkling outside a house of pain and disturbance. The chimes reverberate around impressions of capacious depth – a distant factory whirring, lorries creeping in a tunnel – and that depth is incessantly, resolutely emphatic. And on that goes to ‘…Part II’, an immediate thrust into the deepest corners of techno. The third eponymous track is another made for the floor, and has a reasonably friendly upper line. The final track, ‘Sotto Ma Sotto’, comes in like a train with an alarm going off. Its machine-like run, jumpy in tone and beat, is as delicate as its kick is deep. This is a wonderful track, built on insistence and executed with precision.

  • The Guardian Great intensity. Exciting on first listen, but I expect them to get even better the more you explore.
  • Surgeon I like 'Sotto Ma Sotto' most on first listen.
  • The Wire Digging the bite of 'Sotto Ma Sotto'.
  • Ben Klock In my box.
  • Resident Advisor Wonderfully distinctive sounds from a producer I'm always happy to hear from.
  • DVS1 'Sotto Ma Sotto' for me.
  • The Quietus Sounds great.
  • Kr!z Very nice, will play at least two of them. Interesting EP.
  • Groove Full support.
  • Rødhåd Donato in full effect. nice stuff. like them all.
  • / One Month Off [SA022] Chevel

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    SA022 Artwork

    ‘One Month Off’ is an EP built around the abstract themes of construction, starting with demolition and ending on perspective. Opening track ‘One Month Off’ combines a warm thump with skittering percussion. ‘The Wall’, next up, is perhaps misleadingly a more unsettled affair. ‘Cave Dwellings’ is a more organic construct, building from the traditional basics of a kick drum and hi hat. ‘Marker Shop’ is fourth up, uniting disparate urges and glorious moods. The beat is uncomfortable, and repeatedly gives way. The record closes on ‘Viewpoint’, a piece of warmer perspective. It is not, however, a calm scene: in many ways this is a view of something more unsettled than what has come before. It is both jungular and industrial, an uncompromising marriage of nature and noise.

  • XLR8R 'Viewpoint' is the kind of production that shines in its details.
  • Len Faki 'One Month Off' is my pickup here.
  • Resident Advisor Dario is such a talent. More great stuff from him here.
  • Pfirter Great. 'Marker Shop' is really beautiful, will also play 'Cave Dwellings'. Support.
  • Boiler Room Debuts Loving this. Chevel's productions are killer.
  • Kr!z Sounds really good.
  • BBC Music 'Cave Dwellings' and 'Viewpoint' are the ones for me. The latter in particular is interesting.
  • Ron Morelli 'Marker Shop' is the one for me, nice stuff.
  • Dub Monitor Best Chevel release yet. I love this direction.
  • Tommy Four Seven 'Marker Shop' is proper moody. Dig.
  • / Churches Schools and Guns Remixed [SA021] Lucy

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    A remixes selection of tracks from Lucy’s forthcoming LP Churches Schools and Guns. In presenting four of the album cuts in altered impressions, SA021 helps the label keep on re-examining the timbres, tones and textures of techno. The record considers its place, and asks for contemplation. With a selection this strong, and of such ideas and identities, this contemplation is surely a worthy vice. This may be a prelude to the full record, but it is a cut made of vehement conviction.

  • Resident Advisor Four diverse enough cuts, although Bradley's isn't really that far away from Dozzy's as far as mood is concerned. Eomac's is the busiest, while that of Shapednoise is chasmic. A nice quartet which has to be appreciated on a good system.
  • Blawan Really great bunch of remixes. Eomac has to be the favourite here. Quality as always from Stroboscopic Artefacts.
  • FACT All amazing tracks, giving big hype for the album. The Shapednoise mix is the one though.
  • Dustin Zahn Dozzy's remix is so good. He is on fire right now.
  • Juno Plus Eomac and Dozzy remixes are superb.
  • Pfirter Full support again, great.
  • Groove Full support.
  • CTRLS Love the Bradley and Dozzy remixes. In the bag.
  • Igloo Mag More fine hyper produced techno experimentalism from SA. A thoroughly enjoyable listen - Miton Bradley and Eomac mixes the highlights - in particular the latter.
  • Shifted Dope. Cheers.

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    For many, the embedded craftsmanship, sonic superiority and tangible artwork of vinyl captures a singular musical vision. Stroboscopic Artefacts’ exploration of the sonic dialect is helping reshape how we dance, listen and perceive music. We now celebrate a story of evolution told by ten unfurling flowers, each blossoming and evolving among an otherwise dystopian order. Stroboscopic Artefacts invite our fans to cherish in a legacy and own a concord time capsule of the label’s fledgling musical evolution.

    Check below for detailed description of each release.

    / Untitled [SA020] Dadub

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    SA020 Artwork

    At the center of Dadub’s SA020 lie the myths of the ancient Greek goddess Demeter. The opening track is ‘Mistresses March’, an odyssey, unhappy and unflinching, a thumping narrative of Demeter’s search for her abducted daughter Persephone. Based on the handmade modular synth system from Nicola Buono and Lino Monaco, the representation of ceremony drink ‘Kykeon’ is on one hand a flowing narrative and on the other a demonstration of intense artistic scrutiny: a perfect, unremitting thud. Little details, significant differences. Powered by a sound and groove generator invented by Daniele de Santis (Grün), ‘Ergot Kernel’ is a chemical cauldron. It’s a beat continuously emerging from the undergrowth; a train ploughing on, coursing through an arid landscape. Conversely, the atmosphere is bright, full of electricity and warmth. Dadub’s SA020 is a journey through a Greek myth, with textural magnificence and technological innovation.

    • Luke Slater Obviously just great. Love it to bits.
    • Igloo Mag Mental. The only word for it. 'Ergot Kernel' could possibly make heads explode if dropped at the right time - similar with 'Kykeon': need to hear that one on a big system.
    • Adam X Love this release, especially ‘Kykeon’. Might be my favorite Dadub track yet.
    • Clubbing Spain Great release continuing the great work made with You Are Eternity. Amazing textures makes a great journey. Dadub's work is from other planet.
    • Tommy Four Seven Excellent forward thinking cuts.
    • Trax Surprising collabs. diggin.
    • Claudio PRC Superb release. Dadub + Retina.it is a dream. All the release is awesome.
    • Groove Full support.
    • Edit Select All of these are beautifully made, otherworld music for the few... Respect to the Dub.
    • Stray Landings Beautifully crafted selection of dub-infused rhythmic workouts, Dadub's expert use of grainy sound-design helping question boundaries of the Techno genre as they always do.

    / Untitled [SA019] Lakker

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    SA019 Artwork

    In ’Harbour’ eavily distorted rhythms build like the swirl of a storm, a distress signal popping on, radio distortion. As implosion seems near a moment of calm sets in and a less maniacal beat assumes control. But the unpredictable hammers resume once more, thumping above a sheet of glinting and sharp precipitation. ‘eeAea’ is a different experience. It is based on surer footing, concrete beneath the limbs. A thump, incessant, pounds in the background, giving clarity to a winding sigh and dissonant percussion. Yet there remains melody in the madness, with beautiful hi ends peeking through the atmosphere and a strut which surges towards conclusion. The conclusion ends (unresolved) at ‘Valentina Lane’. It is a street of mystery, set upon a gas of syncopated flashes and airy scrapes. An uncomfortable synthesiser hums in the background, darting high and interjecting low. It is as deliberate as ‘Harbour’ is chaotic; it is a tight, cogent finale.

    • Trax Very nice and deep release, great variety of tracks. All good.
    • Tommy Four Seven Epic deep dark journeys. Sure players.
    • URB Emotive and at times full of discord, Lakker's new release on SA is maybe their best to date.
    • Terence Fixmer Shaking brain release.'eeAea' Love the mood in it.
    • Nowa Muzyka This is the most beautiful and in the same time the most melancholic experimental output that I have ever heard in my whole life. Pure beauty.
    • Norman Nodge Will play 'Valentina Lane', this is the track here that touches me most.
    • Hyponik 'eeAea' is quality, great EP all together.
    • Dave Clarke Very eerie, but splendid nonetheless.
    • Subsekt 3 faultless tracks. I thought 'Harbour' would be my favourite because its very pounding. Then I heard 'eeAea', which is so off kilter its brilliant. Then I heard 'Valentina Lane', expecting it to be one of the spacy SA tracks to finish.. and it sounds like some lost classic, that you only heard once at a dying party; just as the sun was starting creeping around the curtains. Wicked stuff. Love Lakker.
    • Truss Lakker are some of the best sound designers in techno and this EP demonstrates their abilities to the full. Stunning.

    / Body Out Body In [SA018] Zeitgeber (Lucy & Speedy J)

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    Zeitgeber is a project that sees Lucy and Speedy J exploring roots and limits. The duo have both indulged their experimental sides from time to time. Perhaps most notably Speedy J with his mid-’90s run on Novamute, and Lucy on his 2011 full-length for Stroboscopic Artefacts. But Zeitgeber is something more, with two artists pushing each other to go further. As a precursor to the forthcoming album, it’s a perfect taster of the uncompromising sounds yet to be heard.

    • The Wire Very good release.
    • Groove Magazine Very promising glimpse at the album.
    • Resident Advisor This is in-between sound, that space in between that the great Emmanuel Levinas once wrote about.
    • Chris Hobson (MNML SSGS) Intriguing release. Really like 'Body In'. Eagerly awaiting the LP.
    • Juno Plus A great taste of what is to come.
    • DVS1 Dope. 'Body Out' is sick.
    • Kangding Ray 'Body Out' is a wonderful panoramic-granular-compressed-slab.
    • Tommy Four Seven Fucking awesome, can't wait for the full LP.
    • Brendon Moeller Dope.

    / Tempered Inmid [SA017] Kangding Ray

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    For SA017 Kangding Ray brings an EP defined by dexterity: ‘Tempered Inmid’. It is a record which balances the deepest drum with the most celestial synth, weaving a legend of both menace and tenderness. Possessed of an underlying hiss, the title track surges to dampen its muscular beat with a fabric of warm melodies. The discerning ‘Dimen Andesso’ is the Tempered’s partner, shuffling with a considered high-end and off-kilter pads. On the flip KR ramps up the pace in introducing the mendacious thumps of ‘Nuis Octury’, which he twists into a fever. But emblematically KR once more tempers. Closer ‘Ezerb Altren’ conjures the image and emotion of an underground lake: depth, resonance, and total, glacial serenity.

    Deluxe packaging: 300g cardboard discobag + innerprint

    • The Wire Really liking these cuts. Thanks.
    • Groove Magazine And again, outstanding stuff from KR
    • BBC Music Very nice set. On first listen I particularly like the retro atmosphere of 'Ezerb Altren'. I think KR is strongest when he's less straightforward.
    • Chris Hobson (MNML SSGS) 'Ezerb Altren' is the clear winner here. Another strong EP for SA. The whole EP displays that effortless quality which defines his productions. Lovely.
    • Par Grindvik Best thing I heard in a while. Especially 'Dimen Andesso' and 'Ezerb Altren'. Thanks.
    • Inigo Kennedy Beautiful stuff, 'Dimen Andesso' especially. Faultless tracks.
    • Dustin Zahn Really nice EP. I will definitely have this on repeat. It's experimental but still retains the chill-out/electronica vibes of decades past.
    • Norman Nodge 'Ezerb Octury' touches me most. Good stuff, not easy to consume, but with heart and knowledge.
    • Oscar Mulero Great EP. Loved 'Ezerb Altren'. Thank you.

    / Preternity [SA016] Dadub

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    ‘Preternity’ is a vinyl that collects together four of the most dynamic artists in electronic music delving into tracks from Dadub’s forthcoming album ‘You Are Eternity’. Dadub’s album positions itself as part of an eternity which is forever recurring and in this context Lucy, Lakker, Rrose and Kangding Ray’s remixes emerge as parallel versions of the original tracks. Revolving around the axis of ‘You Are Eternity’ the artists use analogue machines and digital devices to either encode or decode Dadub’s vision. All four artists selected the Dadub track that they wanted to remake, and what has been pressed to vinyl are part instinctive reconfigurations and part reflected rethinkings of that source material. This vinyl is a unique look at the processes of four of electronic music’s most keen experimenters and a moreish taste of what’s to come from Dadub’s debut album, ‘You Are Eternity’.

    • The Wire Some amazing stuff in here. Love it.
    • BBC Music This is excellent work. The Rrose remix of "Life" and the Lakker remix of "Path" are my immediate favourites.
    • FACT Magazine Very very strong package and hard to pick a favourite but the Lucy remix is completely next level.
    • Minimal SSGS Really heavy remix package. Will check this one closely.
    • Ben Klock Very nice release. Will play some of them. Thanks.
    • Tommy Four Seven Excellent remixes with similar dubbed out vibes but all taking their own tripped out path. Big.
    • Norman Nodge Four great interpretations, after first listen the Rrose version stands out a bit, but nevertheless also the other versions are fine stuff.


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    For many, the embedded craftsmanship, sonic superiority and tangible artwork of vinyl captures a singular musical vision. Stroboscopic Artefacts’ exploration of the sonic dialect is helping reshape how we dance, listen and perceive music. We now celebrate our ten release, a story of evolution told by fifteen unfurling flowers, each blossoming and evolving among an otherwise dystopian order. Stroboscopic Artefacts invite our fans to cherish in a legacy and own a concord time capsule of the label’s fledgling musical evolution.
    Check below for detailed description of each release.

    / Caos Y Orden Superior // Wars [SA015] Pfirter // Kangding Ray

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    - Vinyl Is Out Of Stock – Digitally Available

    SA015 is a split vinyl taken care of by long term label artist, Pfirter, and by a new voice that’s been adding to the SA story across the summer, Kangding Ray. Pfirter’s ‘Caos y Orden Superior’ is a weighty odyssey spread across nine minutes. Its opening is languid but somehow relentless as strange synthesised sounds are interrupted by insistent beats. Across the arc of this track ‘chaos’ and ‘order’ lose their static definitions, and played over a large club rig this has the potential to throughly disorientate. From here Kangding Ray takes over duties with ‘Wars’, a fragmented meditation on the darkest side of human nature. Created from hues saturated by the pain of mistakes and regrets, it pulses, rocking gently, swooning in and out.

    • The Wire Magazine Love what we're hearing.
    • Groove Magazine This is a great flipper, both sides shine bright.
    • BBC Music A very nice package.
    • Philip Sherburne Tough, tough, tough.
    • The Quietus These are lovely. Great stuff as ever.
    • Clubbing Spain Recommended release. Top stuff.
    • Stray Landings Great work from both artists, helping to define Stroboscopic Artefacts outside of simply the dance music bracket.
    • Norman Nodge Great split 12", hard to say which is better.
    • Terence Fixmer Really nice release. Both are really good, no preference
    • Tommy Four Seven One peak banger and one epic closer. I needed this.

    / Untitled [SA014] Xhin // Perc

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    On SA014 Xhin and Perc explore the savage side of the dance floor with four punishing tracks. The EP is sliced open by ‘She’s The Disease’. Xhin’s A1 is saturated with details: strange metallic scrapes, squelching pads and beats that constantly push to the surface. A2 ‘Blinding Truth’ is a master class in dense, industrial textures. The track swoons and swoops in and out of focus revealing Xhin at his shadowy finest. On the flip side of the wax Perc’s ‘Forge’ is built around no-nonsense broken beats and layered with eerie, granulated sounds. The key to ‘Forge’ is counterbalance, Perc volleys sounds off one another, shifting the atmosphere between strictly industrial and sharply glacial reference points. The EP is closed as darkly as it began with ‘Kater’. Atop stabbing beats Perc stacks strange reed tones, wisps of a conversation held far in the distance and split second samples that could have been prised from an opera.

    • Resident Advisor The Xhin tracks sound like leftovers from the album. In the best way possible."Blinding Truth" is incredible. "Forge" is a good match for Xhin but "Kater" is absolutely incredible. Blown away.
    • Groove Mag Pretty mean, in both senses of "pretty". "Blinding Truth" is my favourite.
    • The Quietus Perc tracks are fantastic. Cold, crisp, hard things, lovely stuff, and the Xhin stuff's great too.
    • Electronic Explorations This is incredible, once again SA showing everyone else how its done.
    • Slashdotdash Great to see Perc back on SA. All four tracks straight out of the top draw.
    • Tea And Techno Xhin is astoundingly visceral yet rhythmic. Solid four cuts.
    • Fact Mag More amazing work from SA as always. Perc edges it.
    • Dub Monitor Absolutely incredible. Xhin and Perc never fail to impress.
    • Cutting Edge Xhin + Perc = brilliant combination.

    / Banality of evil [SA013] Lucy

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    Lucy’s ‘Banality of Evil’ EP teases apart the dark sides of human psychology and lays them down as fractured, angular tracks. Inspired by Hannah Arendt’s writings on conformity and totalitarianism SA013 makes for provocative listening. ‘Superior Orders’ is an off kilter introduction: Lucy took synth lines that Roll The Dice crafted in Stockholm and broke them down, buckling the lines and revealing their malevolence. ‘Stanford Prison’ layers wistful top lines over driving base creating a fluid, transitory atmosphere. ‘Milgram Experiment’ opens with a beautifully simple sequence and splinters into deep, warm dub. The track includes voices, but these are not catchy euphoric vocals, instead a voice repeats: ‘I began to feel that I was losing my identity’. The tracks don’t aim to soundtrack the experiments and theories of their titles, instead they act as a point in case.

    • Resident Advisor Lucy uses a perfect blend of soft scratch techniques and unexpected percussive flares and other secret ingredients for an overall mix that stares straight through you.
    • De:Bug A sonic commentary on Hannah Arendt? The EP certainly proves the idea of music as pleasure gained from displeasure, at the same time making a political statement, albeit a performative one. Convincingly uncomfortable.
    • Mixside Lucy again shows why he is one our fav techno producers. Top quality stuff.
    • FACT 'Milgram Experiment' is truly stunning, the rest of the EP all excellent. Really powerful release.
    • Slashdotdash So much emotional connection in the music.
    • Frequencies Mag Only techno can describe our inner darkest emotions and Lucy knows this very well.
    • Tea And Techno Absolutely superb release. Lucy never cease to amaze.
    • Nowamuzyka Brilliant. Lucy in exellent form. Review to follow.
    • Clubbing Spain Dense, dark and experimental electronics.

    / Way To Moksha [SA012] Dadub

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    With SA012 Dadub carefully collate legacies of philosophical thought and transpose them into a brilliantly deep EP. The vinyl opens with ‘Perseverance’ a slick slice of bass that writhes and twists around a syncopated core. On A2 ‘Temptation of Maya’ seizes at the act of perception and what is captured is perfect for the mellow confusion of a Sunday morning. On the flip side the search for transcendence goes further with ‘Beyond the Veil’ which crackles towards a sense of enlightenment. The EP closes with a golden moment of contentment, ‘Moksha’. The track titles hint at the search for revelation, which is rendered in countless experimental layers and finely wrought details. SA012 is a peek into the conceptual framework that Dadub engage with to create their vision.

    • Resident Advisor
      A full spectrum sound spectacular. Heavy beat structure and dark drama. It's ripe. Review to follow.
    • Juno Plus
      Epic and stunning in equal measure. I am probably guilty of overusing the phrase "finely sculpted techno" but this is just that.
    • Cutting Edge
      Dadub never fails to impress. It's like hard rocking beats hitting you in your face with the speed of light. But yet subtle enough to cherish.
    • Dance Club Mag
      2011 was a tremendous year for SA. But I truly believe this year is going to be even better. Great, really great release!
    • Slashdotdash
      Another brilliant release from Dadub. More great techno from one of the most consistent, forward thinking labels around.
    • Bass Mag
      A very complete Ep, each tunes carrying a different level of energy. Yet another killer release from Dadub and SA. Full Support!
    • Tsugi Mag
      A beautiful EP as usual. Very good work. Deep, dense and immersive.
    • Nowamuzyka
      Finally they are back! Four brilliant tracks of dark techno at its best!
    • M2O
      Stroboscopic goes straight to the objective! Great Sound. Great Techno!

    / Cutlass [SA011] Xhin

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    ‘Cutlass’ is the 12″ that precedes ‘Sword’ Xhin’s forthcoming full-length album on Stroboscopic Artefacts. Four tracks from the album have been selected and spliced into completely new forms by four producers with very separate agendas. The minds, computers and analogue tools of Surgeon, Dadub, Pfirter and Perc have extracted new visions from Xhin’s ‘Sword’ with nothing short of scientific precision. A cutlass just like a sword but with a slightly curved blade, and accordingly the way that Surgeon, Dadub, Pfirter and Perc cut into these tracks is experimental and left of the centre. The four producers’ remixes uncover latent facets of ‘Sword’, adding not just anticipation to the release of Xhin’s album, but also widening the scope of Stroboscopic Artefacts’ soundscape.

    • Frequencies Mag Absolutely futuristic music.
    • Fact Magazine Amazing stuff. Hard to even pick a highlight.
    • Hifly Wow! This is a very strong package indeed. From the upbeat brutality of Surgeon to the triolized clonks evident on Perc's remix.
    • Different Grooves Monster ep. Can't wait to play each track in my sets.
    • SlashDotDash Great warmup to the forthcoming album. The Surgeon remix is ferocious.
    • Ear To Ground Excellent! One of my favourite SA releases so far. State of the art Techno.
    • Cutting Edge Addicted to Xhin. Badly.
    • TMI Radio Ara Stroboscopic artefacts releases are simply inimitable! I'm really looking forward to hear the forthcoming full-length album!

    / Hepta // Tasu // Lapse [SA010] Xhin // Go Hiyama // Donor

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    SA010 presents three uncompromising visions from Xhin, Go Hiyama and Donor. A1 is Xhin’s aggressive return to wax on SA. ‘Hepta’ is a gnarling, snarling tale that erupts into acrid broken beat. This track comes from Xhin’s new studio sessions, and it anticipates the coming of his most ambitious project yet. B1, ‘Tasu’, comes from a new addition to the SA fold, Go Hiyama. ‘Tasu’ is perfectly swung peak-time techno and a foretaste of the Monad chapter that Go Hiyama is currently crafting. Donor’s flipside, ‘Lapse’, shares the deep atmosphere that permeated his Monad II. While hi-hats sneak into the foreground and the background is punctuated by murmuring vocals, ‘Lapse’ gathers velocity around the weight of its bassline. SA010 is concluded on digital by Markus Suckut. His hands transform ‘Hepta’ into an essence, unravel the threads of ‘Tasu’ and in looping the vocal that’s buried deep inside Donor’s ‘Lapse’ he unleashes something that’s mesmerizingly existential.

    • Speedy J
      Fierce stuff! Amazing as always.
    • Jerome Sydenham
      Stroboscopic Artefacts is a fine example of a foward and fresh thinking label. I'm a big fan, another great release!
    • Peter Van Hoesen
      Top release.
    • Resident Advisor
      Dense, bold dark beats. This is fantastic!
    • SlashDotDash
      More evidence why Stroboscopic Artefacts are one of the best techno labels around right now.
    • Inverted Audio
      Absolutely devastating.
    • De:Bug
      Review in our printed issue.
    • Groove Magazine
      Review in the next issue.

    / Universe // Metropolis [SA009] Pfirter // Dadub

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    SA009 sees Stroboscopic Artefacts return to the split vinyl format, with the formidable Pfirter taking to the A-side and the two minds behind Artefacts Mastering, Dadub, taking care of the B-side. As Pfirter’s ‘Monad IV’ proved, his releases on SA are not as you’ve heard him before. His vision cut to wax is “Universe”, a 10 minute odyssey that’s both militantly 4/4 and peppered with unpredictability. Dadub’s ‘Metropolis’ is a cityscape rendered in all its complexity. From these two tracks, two tools have been skillfully extracted by a new edition to the SA family: Edit Select. Out of Pfirter’s ‘Universe’ he distills a silken serum. The B-side ‘Metropolis’ is pushed deep; the beats drop fathoms below and leagues above the top lines reverberate with hazy memories.

    • Speedy J Great release! Shout out.
    • De:Bug Review in the printed issue.
    • Groove Magazine Review in the printed issue.
    • Luke Slater Feels good.
    • FWD Entertainment Love the entire release and the general vibe coming out of SA.
    • Inverted Audio Another great ep from SA!
    • Frequencies Mag Another killer release for SA! Dark atmosphere and intelligent beats for eternal nights. Something for your mind!
    • James Ruskin Really hard to pick a favourite here...

    / Beelines For Working Bees [SA008] Lucy

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    ‘Beelines For Working Bees’ is a 12” that sees four of the most innovative artists in electronic music rethinking and reconfiguring the strands of Lucy’s forthcoming album ‘Wordplay for Working Bees’. The relationship between the point of origin and the end point is not a prescribed one: the beelines of Tommy Four Seven, James Ruskin, Peter Van Hoesen and Truss return to the hive of Lucy’s album taking the most experimental and cross-pollinated paths. SA008 acts as a case in point for techno, melding and fusing genre boundaries to reveal new hybrid sounds. SA008 presents a utopian vision that’s puckering at the seams. The artists chose the tracks that they wished to remix and fused their own defined sound identities with that of Stroboscopic Artefacts. In anticipation of Lucy’s debut album this is a delicious foretaste of what’s to come and a cryptic insight into four of techno’s leading minds.

    • Bleep43 Four meaty tracks.
    • Juno Plus Stunning. What a lovely addendum to the Lucy album.
    • Resident Advisor - Todd Burns Big.
    • Mnml Ssgs Very strong, consistent EP. all of the remixers have done well in creating some heavy techno hitters.
    • FWD Entertainment Love it love it love it.
    • Tea And Techno An exciting and quality remix package such as this will have the world of techno buzzing!
    • Proton Radio Very nice package from one of Techno's brightest stars of the future.
    • Oktave New York Sick package! wow - an amazing group of producers doing damage here.

    / Dax [SA007] Perc & Modern Heads

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    SA007 sees Perc and Modern Heads create the first collaborations between these two core Stroboscopic Artefacts artists. The result is a punishing hybrid of Perc’s dubstep tendencies and Modern Heads’ cutting techno. A-side “Mendax” is cavernous. Built upon solid dub foundations, it spills over into grinding, metallic territory. If the title’s to be believed it takes inspiration from the shady world of lies and deceit. The atmosphere seems to agree, there’s certainly something mendacious at work here. B1 takes the EP’s atmosphere and adds abrasion. In “Percdax” cold, hard percussion is layered over a bed of warm dub. Closer “Moddax” errs on the eerie. It skulks, is full of sticky bleeps and the result is unnervingly dubbed out. All three track titles share the same suffix and if this indicates that they also share one quality it’s that they’re best heard in the glinting shadow of a club just before day break.

    • Speedy J Great!
    • Surgeon Sounds really interesting.
    • Chris Liebing 5 out of 5.
    • Jerome Sydenham Another solid release.
    • The Wire (Philip Sherburne) Awesome!
    • TEA - Tea And Techno Loud, Menacing and Scary.
    • Oktave Party - New York Amazing release. Perc & Modern Heads together is a perfect team of talent. Massive, deep, beautiful.
    • Tsugi Magazine Impressive one...

    / Alkitran // Vary [SA006] Jonas Kopp // Markus Suckut

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    Stroboscopic Artefacts rip into autumn with a masterful split vinyl. SA006 sees Jonas Kopp taking to the A-side with the punishingly good “Alkitran” and the flip side picks up where the Monad Series left off with Markus Suckut’s “Vary”. “Alkitran” writhes hissing and spitting into existence. Snares lash across the opening, to be replaced by subaqueous grumbles and whirling from above. The title “Alkitran” begs no translation; the track’s sticky, black palette and viscous textures effortlessly communicate the notion of tar. Markus Suckut’s “Vary” takes the opposite tact; his dark tones are built amid structures that are suffused with light and dappled with the grindingly ecstatic. This is superbly elegant techno that has refused to sacrifice any of its hardness in order to achieve elegance. The digital release contains two tools extracted by label owner Lucy. Striped down, but simultaneously turned up, he takes the tracks in a distinctly IDM direction.

    • Marcel Dettmann Got it... 5 out of 5.
    • Laurent Garnier Brilliant ep as always on Stroboscopic Artefacts. Full Support from me.
    • Chris Liebing 5 out of 5.
    • Eric Cloutier (The Bunker | Resident Advisor) 4/5 Great combination of tracks here. One big room monster from Jonas, and a nice thick, warm, deep track from Markus. Great release.
    • Per Bojsen-Moller (Little White Earbuds) Excellent tracks here from the SA camp. White knuckle techno on "Alkitran" with a deceptive element of deepness in there. The more pensive "Vary" is the one for me, plenty of space for those cavernous sounds to move around in. The tools are always a good bonus too!
    • Mnml Ssgs Jonas Kopp's track on SA006 sounds pretty strong & effective. Alkitran' sounds like a powerful track.
    • Oktave NY Another amazing release from the incredibly reliable Stroboscopic Artefacts label. When was the last time we saw this kind of consistency from a new label? The mastering is insane. Will definitely play at Oktave...
    • Forward Entertainment 5/5 Dark and good, very forward thinking techno. Love the broken beat in the Suckut track. Love the Jonas Kopp in all forms and flavors!

    / Blast Corps EP [SA005] Frank Martniq

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    SA005 is destined to become a vinyl collectors’ must-have. Frank Martiniq explores a whole new sonic identity on this unique 12”, forging together off-kilter beats and fists full of atmospheric compression. “Blast Corps” opens the EP with a surge of delayed baseline. Crispy static rises from below and echoes swoop and simmer beneath the full blooded base. It builds insistently, the 4/4 structure is infused with far off blips and the dusty sizzles of low-pitched white noise. On “Dark Star” warm dub keeps the sound organic. It’s elemental, the baseline seems enormous enough to have a gravity of its very own and the other elements pull together around its weight. It teases, the breathy elements twitch, fidget, become fully formed but refuse to drop.

    • Carl Craig Deep 'n Good.
    • Sven Vath Frank Martiniq like I never heard before. Good!
    • Surgeon I really enjoyed this ep. I will play it for sure.
    • Speedy J 5 out fo 5. Awesome dark trippy stuff!!! Digging it!
    • Philip Sherburne (The Wire / Resident Advisor) "Dark Star" is really cool, love the half speed feel. And the way "Blast Corps Tool" develops is immense.
    • Per Bojsen-Moller (Little White Earbuds) Loving the dub elements of "Dark Star" fused with something a bit malignant and sinister. The military feel to Lovelane works really well too.
    • Drowned In Sound Both "Blast Corps" and "Dark Star" are great.
    • Tsugi Very powerful and devastating "Blast Corps". Very nice interpretation of the dub techno format on "Dark Star". As a whole, the EP is a very personal interpretation of the techno genre.

    / Remixes [SA004] Lucy & Ercolino (Luke Slater Rmx // Dadub Rmx)

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    SA004 features two exceptional remixes of Lucy & Ercolino’s last 12” on Stroboscopic Artefacts. The A-side “Gmork” is given the darkly elegant techno treatment by someone who needs no introduction: Luke Slater. On the B-side, Dadub rips into “So The Nothing Grows Stronger” with a massive dub agenda, showcasing the meeting point between the UK dubstep scene and Berlin’s formidable techno output. Techno pioneer Luke Slater, AKA Planetary Assault Systems, remoulds and rethinks “Gmork” in the studio, giving the track his twisted hallmark. He takes the original elements of “Gmork” and weights them base-side-up. In his hands the track becomes more dizzying, disorientating and hypnotic than before. Dadub’s retreatment takes the original material and reconfigures it using subtractive synthesis. The analogue process assures the track’s bespoke, simmering atmosphere.

    • Silent Servant Luke slater remix is awesome!!!! really like the b-side as well... solid release.both will get charted.
    • Peter Van Hoesen The word 'massive' seems appropriate. I think this is about as much bass as anyone can handle. Great release, both tracks.
    • Par Grindvik 5/5 pure love! thanks for keeping such a high level! truly inspiring!
    • Adam Beyer Quality! Slater for work and Dadub for home.
    • De:Bug This is an amazing release. I Love the patience that Luke Slater puts in the remix. No hocus-pocus. Dadub-mix has very comfortable vibe, without loosing its drive.
    • FWD Entertainment Amazing release. Both remixes are great. expect a great review on FWD.
    • Mnml Ssgs Slater remix is keeping with his recent PAS guise material: intense techno atmospherics with some stellar sound design. Dadub providing great dub elements and interesting percussion.
    • Tillate Essential stuff. Single of the month on Tillate Magazine.

    / Gmork // So The Nothing Grows Stronger [SA003] Lucy & Ercolino

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    SA003 sees label owner Lucy and underground trailblazer Ercolino, inspired by novelist Michael Ende’s imagery, create two visions of a nihilistic future. The 12” begins with the tale of fear incarnate “Gmork”, the most powerful weapon for controlling society. The A-side is a portrait of this terrifying beast: slinking baselines come from its black heartbeat and white noise grows from its unearthly appetites. Fat, squelching noises emerge as light, hope and ideas are quashed, ground up and eaten. What emerges is a genius slice of dark, brooding techno crafted from the nectar of your darkest nightmare. The story gets even bleaker with “So The Nothing Grows Stronger”, a narrative of blips, bleeps and squeals. Dadub also masterfully extracts two crafty dj tools provided as digital bonuses. No excuse to not spread the savage stories that you have heard.

    • Luke Slater Full support to SA for a while now already. Love and joy.
    • Peter Van Hoesen Another strong SA release. “Gmork” is the one for me. I will definitely also be using the tools. Keep 'em coming please.
    • Len Faki I love the "link" track from the last SA002 release and here we go again with a deep techno monster: "Gmork" - full support!
    • Agoria Big fan of Lucy since his first works, I'll support !
    • Philip Sherburne (The Wire / Groove) It sounds good. I like the trippy, linear, spiraling feel of it... proper "headfuck" territory. Certainly plan to review+ it....
    • Resident Advisor There is a dark narrative to the Stroboscopic Artefacts releases so far. Lucy's first release carried a message of the false reality in which we live, Xhin's "Fixing The Error" was a rise-of-the-machines style workout and, now, Lucy's latest collaboration is an ode to the Gmork. (Neverending Story, wolf-like savage beast changer used to control society, etc. etc.).
    • Remix Magazine Japan "Gmork": sounds deep! cool psychedlic techno, amazing. "So The Nothing Grows Stronger": nice twisted track! Last weekend I used this track, audience excited! Bonus tracks are really cool. Deep work.

    / Fixing The Error // Link [SA002] Xhin

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    Stroboscopic Artefacts is proud to welcome on board Singapore-based Xhin. “Fixing the Error” is an enormous peak-time club killer. Xhin knits together the sinister sound of the revolt of the machines. High frequency drum machines and ferrous sub-bass synthesizers are working urgently against the clock. Close your eyes, dissolve, step into dystopia. You are transported into a post-human cityscape where strobes reflect off smelting metallic sounds and deafening alarms wail. These warning codes, layer upon layer, fashion a vision of a metropolis gorging itself on sprawling noises. The flip side, “Link” has no narrative. Instead, this deep, brooding slice of dub-techno is composed of pure atmospheric pressure.  This is dark. This is urgent. This is Xhin.

    • Luke Slater This is very cool. Will road test on the Berghain sound system.
    • Peter Van Hoesen So much of today's dubtechno sounds unadventurous, but this ep definitely pushes the right buttons. This is dubtechno with an attitude. Excellent tracks.
    • Len Faki This is great! Real Berghain 10AM tracks.
    • Speedy J Awesome dub going on here. Will definitely play the tools also.
    • Cio D'or Stroboscopic Artefacts raising the bar once again. Great release.
    • Resident Advisor This is an ep of futuristic techno, made in a deep and rooted fashion. Expect it to be picked up by some of the big boys.
    • Groove Charted in the Groove Magazine chart.
    • De:Bug Dark and wicked tracks here. Misterious sounds, kick and bass line rumblin and rolling without mercy, hi-hats whipping on everything.

    / Why Don’t You Change // Dub Man Walking [SA001] Lucy

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    Stroboscopic Artefacts’ first vinyl release is an incendiary two track EP. Label founder Lucy gives us a visionary blueprint for the future Stroboscopic Artefacts releases, etching out the soundtrack for an apocalyptic club scenario. Out of the A-side’s dark, pulsing beats and itchy baselines, a granular voice rises up. Krishnamurti’s rasping vocal cuts through, creating a colossal techno track. Amid resonant piano samples and utopian 60s strings, a crystalline question emerges: “Why Don’t You Change”? In the middle of a hazy, overcrowded dance floor this peak-time guerrilla track hints at a moment of epiphany. On the B-side “Dub Man Walking”, Lucy’s dub-roots background collides with his techno identity. The heavy drum machine structure is injected with obsessive dubby baselines and intersected by high frequency distortion. The track floats, the elements never fully solidify, instead they surge forward becoming ever more urgent.

    • Laurent Garnier Absolutely stunning -- definitely one of the best ep i've heard for a while.
    • Brothers' Vibe Killer Dub!
    • Perc Yes, yes, this is good. Why Don't You Change is my fave, but it is all ood stuff. Excellent.
    • De:Bug Oops. Lucy comes with a massive, dark and dubby track. And this in a fast and massive way. Voices that seem wicked, yet mad and music that puts you back into times when music was more about space, architecture, mass and kick then anything else.
    • Raveline Like a magical swirl "Why Don't You Change" is taking the crowd up. Absorbing dust and voices in it. Coming with a straight beat and energy but having a chilling athmosphere though, especially in the following A Capella part. "Dub Man Walking" is even more bewitching.
    • IDJ When a new label calls itself Stroboscopic Artefacts, chart hits are obviously not high on the agenda. One minute into the title track and you know it's all about uncompromising techno.
    • Link2Party If this debut release is anything to go by it would seem that there is a new ‘must have’ label on the scene. Long live Stroboscopic Artefacts and all who sail in her!